Family Owned and Operated

North Shore Magazine

EJ Paving is a Methuen-based family-owned and operated business that has been a staple within the asphalt paving industry for over three decades. Since 1987, EJ Paving has paved residential, municipal, and commercial paving projects throughout New England. The commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction has earned EJ Paving a reputation for excellence.

The Evangelista family has built up EJ Paving over the last 36 years to embody the passion, hard work, and commitment of their family members: Tom, Lee, Ashley, and Tommy. Owner Tom Evangelista found his passion for construction at a very young age when he’d go to work at a paving company with his father Ernest John, EJ Paving’s namesake.

Tom and Lee’s children, Ashley and Tommy, have followed in their parents’ footsteps. The kids grew up at EJ Paving, seeing firsthand the dedication their parents put into the business every day. Tom and Lee taught their kids the importance of working hard, giving back, and maintaining a balance between work and family life. As late as Tom sometimes worked, he’d always be on the sideline or in the audience cheering on his kids. Lee is the rock of the family, supporting her family and the business. Ashley developed into a strong leader at EJ Paving and has since started her own construction company, Tread Milling, with her husband Matt Read. Ashley and Matt still put family first—their daughter Lena can often be found handing out ice cream on job sites.

Tommy grew up spending long summer days shoveling, wheel barreling on tough jobs, or learning to quickly problem solve. Those lessons shaped Tommy to become the vice president of EJ Paving, handling the day-to-day operations and now working closely with his wife, Megan.

EJ Paving’s success comes from generations of experience combined with youthful innovation. Tommy Evangelista refers to EJ Paving as a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup—the seasoned industry veterans make up the chocolate and the younger generation is the peanut butter. Each alone is just fine, but together, they’re a recipe for success. The company’s first generation employees have grown with the company for decades, and now some of their children work at EJ Paving, too. Fathers and sons work together as mechanics, uncles and cousins work together in the field. The Evangelista's believe the key to a family business’s success is not only working hard but also maintaining balance and putting family first. The family respects and appreciates every employee and their families, because if there’s no balance, there’d be no success.