Our Father Son Duo's

Meet our Father Son Duo's

father and sons of EJ Paving

At EJ Paving we have three father son duos that work together each day. Owner Tom Evangelista and son Tommy are President and Vice President of EJ Paving. Tommy followed in his fathers foot steps from a young age. He has learned everything about the paving industry from his father and values the time he gets to spend with him each day. “Working with your father is something a lot of people don’t get to experience. I am so grateful to be able to work and learn from one of the greatest paving legends in the business and continue his legacy of EJ Paving. Not only is he a legend in the paving business he is an even better father.” -Tommy Evangelista ll.

Jim Ryder Sr and Jimmy Ryder JR are our fleet maintenance managers. Jim has worked at EJ Paving for 20 years and his son Jimmy joined the EJ Team to work along side his father. They are a dynamic duo that can fix anything! “I learn something new everyday from my father. His knowledge is irreplaceable and I am happy I get to work along side him. As much as I complain I wouldn’t want it any other way” - Jimmy Ryder JR. Billy Muse and his son Greg have been apart of the EJ family for a few decades. They know how to operate all pieces of equipment and have grown with EJ Paving from laborers to managers. They say working together is special to both of them. For Billy, its the fact that he gets to teach his son and for Greg its that he gets to spend time with his father learning everything he can from his dad. As a family owned company father son relationships are very important to us. We strive to be an employer that you want your family members to work at.